About Resa

I hold a Master’s Degree in Composition and Rhetoric (MA) from the University of Missouri St. Louis and have years of professional editing experience both as a freelancer and as the lead editor for a non-profit press.

As an editor, I work with authors to develop quality content that is free from errors. While I am most experienced using the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition), I’ve also had experience using the Associated Press Style Guide as well as APA and MLA.

I work with publishers to find the writers who are the best fit for any assignment whether it’s a short form blog post, a textbook chapter, or a full length manuscript. In the religious market, many of my authors have gone on to win Catholic Press Association awards for excellence and some of my acquisitions have gone on to be featured in Publishers Weekly as leading the way in the market.

As a writer, I strive to provide high interest pieces that meet readers where they are and keep them reading until the very end—all while keeping to assigned deadlines and within the scope of the project. I’m passionate about the topics of religion & spirituality, publishing, editing, and technology.

For information on freelance rates and availability, see my contact page.